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Travel Insurance by Activity

Vacation is the time to try new things and take advantage of opportunities you wouldn’t get at home. Whether you’re going mountain climbing or scuba diving, exploring the depths of an underground cavern or seeing the world from above in a hot air balloon, you’re facing some degree of risk. Read more to discover the wide variety of activities you can enjoy and the kind of insurance you’ll need to protect you if anything goes wrong.

Air Activities and Sports Travel Insurance

Air Activities and Sports Travel Insurance

A bird’s-eye view of your surroundings always lends a new sense of perspective. If you’re looking to defy gravity, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of thrilling sports and activities to be done thousands of feet above the ground. Face your fear of heights—but make sure you have insurance coverage first.

Sports Travel Insurance

Sports Travel Insurance

Maybe you’re a student on spring break or winter break. Maybe you’re travelling abroad to work as an au pair. Maybe you’re getting a change of scene for the holidays. No matter what your reason for travel, unexpected injuries, illnesses, and accidents are always possible. Get a better sense of what you can do to make your vacation special, and right along with it, how to protect yourself against any inherent risks.

Ground Sports Travel Insurance

Ground Sports Travel Insurance

Some people take vacations to get their adrenaline pumping: They want to go heli-skiing, mountain biking, or run with the bulls in Pamplona. Others are looking for a new experience: They want to ride elephants, attend the Olympics, visit Disney World, or even just take an aerobics class at their hotel. However, all of these activities carry some chance of illness or injury. You should know in advance what the risks are and how best to avoid them.

Athletic Sports Travel Insurance

Athletic Sports Travel Insurance

Playing sports is a popular pastime for a reason, and there’s no rule saying you can’t enjoy your favorite sport abroad. However, the consequences of a sprained ankle during a basketball game or pulled muscle in a heart-racing game of tennis are much more complicated in a foreign country. Hazardous sports travel insurance has you covered in these situations, and it’s best to understand the limitations of coverage before you step onto the court.

Water Sports Travel Insurance

Water Sports Travel Insurance

Watersports are the perfect pastime for a day at the lake; there’s nothing like water-skiing, kneeboarding, or sailing to refresh and invigorate you. Maybe you’re planning to swim with dolphins, dive with sharks, scuba dive through a shipwreck, or take on some whitewater rapids. Whatever your aquatic activity of choice, make sure you know what you’re doing and how to go about it safely.

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